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  • Understanding How a Family Functions By:-Pastor Greg Baker
    I believe that God built within us natural instincts that play a huge role in how the family is meant to function. And though these instincts are not universally true, you will see that they are generally true. For example, the average child will have a stronger inclination to want to be more like dad than mom.
  • The Power of Praise in People's Lives By:-Mrs. Liberty Baker
    It's so easy to get caught up in annoyance with the negative we see in others--our friends, spouses, even our children. It seems to make more sense to tell another person what they are doing wrong to get them to stop, but truthfully that is entirely the wrong approach. Instead of trying to get your spouse or your friend to quit that nasty habit, or to stop that annoying way about them,try praising them.
  • What is More Important? My Children Or My Marriage? By:-Pastor Greg Baker
    The instinct, for many women in particular, is to put the children ahead of the marriage. Is this right or wrong? I've counseled men who have become jealous over the attention the children get from their wives. I've seen women jealous over the attention that their husband gives to a daughter but not to them.
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