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  • How to Help a Woman That is Insecure About Her Beauty  By:  Mrs. Liberty Baker  Views: 530
    Husband, you are probably the best and only solution in this area for your wife, yet without some insight from a woman's point of view, it's very difficult for you to know how to help her. By using these simple ideas, your wife will feel more secure in her desirableness. She will be a very happy lady and feel much loved!

  • Getting Up Early Can Reduce the Stress of Your Day  By:  Mrs. Liberty Baker  Views: 468
    I once heard a very wise lady say that every mother should be up early to have quiet time before her children wake up. In order to follow this great advice we have to form a habit of getting up early. You can strengthen your character.

  • The Problem of Doubt  By:  Clarence Killingsworth  Views: 442
    Like any other sin, the stronghold of doubt is in the will and the will or purpose to doubt must be surrendered exactly as you surrender to God the will or purpose to yield to any other temptation such as drunkenness or adultery.

  • The Reward of Labour  By:  Clarence Killingsworth  Views: 441
    As a regenerated, born again son of God, man is eternally united with the Spirit of God and capable of spiritual warfare. As such God is able to use our bodies as sentient beings to be instrumental in spiritual warfare.

  • Rise Up! A Lesson On Character From Hannah  By:  Mrs. Liberty Baker  Views: 419
    Our society has lost so many valuable character traits. I find that I am spending much time learning character traits in my adulthood, that I wish I'd already mastered long before now. Here is a wonderful lesson on Character from Hannah.

  • Is Your Horn Blowing?  By:  Pastor Stan Slabaugh  Views: 406
    When something is wrong in your life and someone has the courage to point it out to you, what is your reaction? The proper reaction and response is to want to correct the problem!

  • A Balanced way of Meditating on the Bible  By:  Mrs. Liberty Baker  Views: 403
    Have you ever thought of God's word like a diet of food? Sometimes it takes a bit of character to eat those vegetables or healthy foods. It may often seem likewise while meditating on the Bible.

  • Why Serving in the Church Nursery is Important to Me  By:  Mrs. Liberty Baker  Views: 403
    I believe that the many hours I have sat in the nursery with children under four years old has afforded me much time to dwell on the purpose of what I was doing. These children are not just babies and children in the 'terrible two's' stage. They are future adults.

  • Sitting Before God  By:  Clarence Killingsworth  Views: 391
    We cannot affect people to God unless we are first affected by God. We cannot bring people to God until we have been to God and sat before him and gazed upon the crucified one and been changed by him.

  • Death - The Last Enemy  By:  Clarence Killingsworth  Views: 385
    Death need not hold fear for God's people; however the person who does not know Christ as Saviour may well fear what is beyond death's door.

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